Ship Crane Rope

Rope Services Direct possess  knowledge of the shipping crane industry and the type of wire rope that is required for this sector. We supply a wide selection of high performance, high quality wire rope designed to aid in the efficiency of your lifting operations in maritime environments. Ship crane rope are discussed on this page, for dockside crane rope click here.

Wire rope used in maritime  and off shore operations is often chosen for its corrosion resistance, flexibility, breaking strength, and resistance to deformation. It requires many different properties such as being able to bend without damage, and also being resistant to corrosion and friction.

ship crane rope 24x7 non rotating  ship crane rope 35x7 non rotating

Shipping cranes

ship crane rope

Crane ships or floating cranes specialise in lifting extremely heavy loads in environments where speed is ultra-important. Shipping cranes are frequently used for material handling in harbours & ports for applications such as container handling and dry bulk handling.

Shipping cranes are as well used in offshore construction such as the building of oil rigs. The largest crane vessels often need increased stability in order to facilitate the lifting of heavy loads safely. Therefore, you will often find catamarans or semi-submersibles being used as crane vessels. With a sheer leg crane, the crane is fixed and unable to rotate which means the vessel has to be manoeuvred in order to place its loads.

One of the main advantages to using floating cranes is their immense flexibility. They can literally transport loads to virtually any location required.

Requirements for using ship crane rope

ship crane ropeDue to being constantly exposed to corrosive seawater, wet and heated working temperatures, wire rope used in ship cranes needs to be regularly checked for wear and tear. Some of the things you should check for include tensions on the wire and strands as well as chafing and internal wear.

Wire rope on ships can be used for many purposes but particularly common uses are as hoist ropes, auxiliary hoist ropes and as boom hoist ropes.

The importance of corrosion protection

If the wire rope is being used in a corrosive environment, then Rope Services Direct recommend you use a wire with a galvanized coating. This helps protect the rope against rust and corrosion in applications where moisture could damage the rope. Where applicable, plastic impregnation (PI) can also be considered.

In order to minimise the effects of corrosion we also recommend selecting a wire rope with a suitable manufacturing lubricant. Regular relubrication of wire rope is also essential in order to make sure there is minimal abrasion to the rope that could cause potentially hazardous wear and tear.

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