Dockside Crane Ropes

Rope Services Direct are specialist suppliers of industrial quality wire rope. We pride ourselves on our high performance, super strength wire rope including marine, dockside crane ropes and container crane rope, which we discuss below.

Purpose of dockside cranes

Dockside cranes are engineered to load and unload ships in as quick a time as possible. In order for the dockside crane to operate safely and at maximum efficiency, they have been designed to work in relatively close proximity to one another, so several cranes can be operating over any one ship at the same time. Dockside crane ropes are paramount to their efficiency.

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Types of dockside crane

Dockside cranes are often found in the form of gantry cranes. These cranes are used for lifting heavy objects such as containers or cars to and from ships. Full gantry cranes, which are the largest type of gantry crane require the use of incredibly strong wire rope. These cranes use a complex system of cables and wires to support massive loads such as the ships engine or other large components. The guidelines for lifting operations in ports and docks should always be adhered to.

Dockside cranes are also found in the form of container cranes or ship-to-shore-cranes which consist of a supporting framework able to traverse the full length of a quay. They lift containers and cargo through the use of a spreader which utilises a locking mechanism positioned at each corner of the container in order to safely lift it.

Elements of  dockside crane ropes

Typical rope elements within a dockside crane include the main hoist, auxiliary hoist, boom hoist and boom pendant. Exact configurations will vary from one crane to another, for specific advice give Rope Services Direct a call and we can advise on your specific circumstances.

Rope maintenance and requirements

dockside crane ropes

Like other cranes that are working in wet, corrosive environment, we recommend the use of galvanized ropes for dockside cranes as they are more resistant to corrosion and water damage. Rope Services Direct also recommend re-lubrication the rope regularly with a suitable lubricant. Wire ropes should also be checked regularly for wear and tear. This is particularly important where they are used for operating heavy machinery and lifting heavy loads.

When selecting a steel wire rope to suit your dockside crane there are several characteristics that should be taken into consideration. This includes the rope’s strength, rotation resistance, fatigue resistance, long service life, minimal downtime, resistance to crushing and resistance to corrosion.

Ordering your dockside crane rope

Rope Services Direct supply and manufacture some of the best quality wire rope on the market. Our ropes have been designed to provide superior resistance and durability in order to cater to a wide range of lifting applications and crane mechanisms. Dockside or gantry cranes require the use of many different types of ropes including trolley Rope, boom hoist rope and main hoist rope. For heavy loads we recommend using a rope with high breaking strength and crush resistance. For more information on selecting the most suitable rope for your dockside crane, please give us a call on 01384 78004, you can also complete our contact form for a speedy reply.

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