Dockside Crane Hoist Rope 8×25 Compacted Construction

This wire rope for dockside cranes is a step up from our 8×19 construction rope in terms of its strength. It offers the same integral benefits for its intended applications. The dockside crane hoist rope 8×25 compacted construction is manufactured to order and built to last, it is just one of the crane rope options we offer. Cranes used on the side of docks use a variety of different ropes. This page looks at the crane hoist rope rather than the boom rope.

Capabilities of Dockside Crane Hoist Rope 8×25 Compacted Construction

dockside crane hoist rope 8x25 compactedLike many of our wire rope products, this 8×25 construction dockside crane rope is made using drawn steel wires which have undergone galvanisation to slow down the process of corrosion.The crush-resistant, compacted configuration of the wires, ensure confidence in the long term integrity of this rope. Particularly in a marine environment.

Lifting safety is further assured thanks to the high breaking load, which starts at 273kN for the rope of just 16mm in diameter and creeps upwards to peak at 856kN on the 28.6mm example.

Other Types of Wire Rope for Cranes

You can find 8×19 construction compacted wire rope for dockside cranes on our site, as well as alternatives that are fit for container cranes, mobile cranes , piling cranes and several other variants of this type of equipment. The properties of each vary, so check the specifications carefully to ensure you are getting the right product. If you use crane ropes you will need to have them frequently inspected for any issues to prevent potential accidents.

Need Quick Answers to Wire Rope Questions?

Seek the assistance of our experienced wire rope experts by calling 01384 78004 or sending an email from our site. We can help you choose the right dockside crane rope, conjure up a quote or take your order today.

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