8×19 Mobile Lattice Boom Crane Rope – Non Rotating Compacted

Our specialised 8×19 mobile lattice boom crane rope  has a rotation-resistant design. It is part of a range of non-rotating rope that is made to measure and provides superior lifting safety. This rope also has a compacted construction foe excellent wear resistance.

8×19 Mobile Lattice Boom Crane Rope – Non Rotating Compacted Benefits

Mobile Lattice Boom Crane Rope 8x19 non rotating compactedMobile lattice boom cranes are built to rotate and allow for precise

mobile lattice boom rope

lifting tasks to be completed efficiently. That means to keep loads stable, the wire rope they use must resist the torsion applied to it as the crane moves.

The 8×19 construction wire rope we sell is not only compacted for added strength and durability, but also has its wire strands configured in such a way that they will not rotate in typical usage scenarios.

Our Complete Line Up

Whatever length or diameter of 8×19 construction crane rope you are looking to buy, we can produce it. 8×25 rope construction also available.The same flexibility of choice is available across every crane rope product on our site, from those designed for overhead cranes to those aimed at ship cranes. Choose the combination that makes sense for you and we can get started.

Looking for Assistance when Ordering?

Our rope specialists have years of experience dealing with questions of all types, so call Rope Services Direct on 01384 78004 or send an email to our team if you are in need of more info. We can streamline the ordering process and get you what you need faster. End fittings of your choice can also be added.