8×25 Mobile Lattice Boom Crane Rope – Compacted & Non Rotating

Mobile lattice boom cranes are engineered to withstand heavy duty loads. Therefore the wire rope used with them must be similarly sturdy. Our 8×25 mobile lattice boom crane rope has a compacted non-rotating construction. It is just the ticket for the toughest lifting applications where safety and stability are essential.

Advantages of 8×25 Mobile Lattice Boom Crane Rope

mobile lattice boom crane rope 8x25 non rotating compactedRotation of a mobile lattice boom crane rope is not something that

mobile lattice boom rope

can be tolerated from a safety perspective. Our specially designed 8×25 construction wire rope meets expectations thanks to its non-rotating qualities. It will not twist, kink or fail due to bending fatigue through intensive cycles of use.

Because the rope has been compacted, the exterior surface of the rope is smooth and sleek. It will streamline the operation of a crane and minimise abrasions, while rebuffing damage caused by crushing.

All of our Crane-Friendly Range to Consider

Mobile lattice boom cranes also come in an 8×19 construction, but are not the only type of lifting equipment for which we can provide high quality wire rope. Our customers can choose rope for container cranes, rope for tower cranes and whatever other niche wire rope variant they need.

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