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Catenary Wire

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Catenary Wire

Looking to install or use wire rope overhead? Then catenary wire is the answer for you. Rope Services Direct supplies a range of both galvanized and stainless steel catenary wire. Please read on below to find out more about this product and to learn how you can place an order.

Where is Catenary Wire used?

There are many instances where you may need various types of wire, cable or supporting instruments running overhead. Applications suitable for this wire include Christmas lighting and other religious displays. Laying decorations, heavy curtain hanging, festoons and the suspending of power cables, particularly at pop concerts and theatre productions. The safety of overhead electrical cables is paramount.

The use of a catenary cable is basically for supporting cables and keeping them out of the way.  A further benefit for this is that it takes the strain off the hanging power cables themselves.

                                                         Stainless Steel Catenary Wire Kit      Galvanised Catenary Wire Kit  

What is Catenary Wire?

catenary wire on a jib crane

Catenary literally means the curve that is made when a wire, rope or chain hangs between two points. Many will think of overhead electricity wires supplying power and would be quite correct. However in the lifting gear domain a catenary wire or festoon cable is used for holding powered cables out of the way of moving parts. For example on a jib crane (as pictured) the catenary support wire runs across the top of the jib arm but set out a small distance so that any power cable can be attached and hang out of the way of the electric hoist as it moves across the beam. Catenary systems can also be used on mobile lifting gantries if required, again this is for optimum safety to keep all electrical wiring our of harms way.

Galvanized Catenary Cable and stainless steel catenary wire differences

As you may have noted earlier, we stock catenary wire in both galvanized steel and stainless steel options. Here we want to briefly explain the difference between the two.

The difference with the galvanized version is that it will have a protective zinc coating applied to the wire. This zinc helps to protect the wire rope from corrosion or rust. It is worth noting that the stainless steel version will already have natural resistance to this. However it can be useful to consider a zinc coating if your equipment will be used heavily outdoors.

We find that often clients will regularly be using this equipment outdoors. Due to its popular usage for supporting cables along structures such as train tracks.

If you are unsure which would be the best type for your operation get in touch.

Both of our ranges are made from high grade steel. They can be used safely in many internal and external environments. We are also able to provide this product in a range of sizes, cut to your exact lengths and specifications together with the fittings of your choice.

Fittings to be used with Catenary Cable

It is unlikely that you will only want catenary wire for your operation, but will most likely need to utilise it with end fittings or terminations too. We stock and supply a range of wire rope fittings here at Rope Services Direct, allowing you to utilise this product and other wire ropes in many different ways.

Steel thimbles are typically used to add strength and protection to the end eye as it is passed through a fixing plate fitting. These can be terminated with a wire rope grip to secure the ends together for a DIY application. Turnbuckles are also commonly used because they aid in the tightening of the wire to keep it taught.

We can also supply catenary cable suitable for use with installing an overhead catenary into masonry and concrete. This can be supplied in kit form with all the components and fixings which are required. We will also provide full installation instructions, and are on hand to offer any support for this.

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If you are looking to buy this equipment and maybe even need some advice, then give us a call today on 01384 78004. You can also find our other contact details listed here. We will be delighted to help.

Should this not be quite the right wire rope set up for your requirements then check out our other types of wire rope where you will find a huge collection of sizes and constructions as well as a wide range of end fittings. If you have exact requirements then we can tailor make a custom wire rope assembly which may be more beneficial, get in touch with your specific requirements for a quick quote.

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