Galvanised Catenary Wire Kit

Rope Services Direct manufacture, stock and supply a number of individual pieces of equipment suitable for a wide range of tasks. Alongside these individual options, we also supply a number of assemblies and kits, allowing you to purchase a complete package.  Here you will find out more about one of these kits – the galvanised catenary wire kit.

What is a galvanised catenary wire kit?

This wire kit has been designed in order to create a stable anchoring point. This will allow for the suspension for things such as overhead cables. A typical kit will consist of wire rope coil, thimble eyes, wire rope grips, hook or eye tension turnbuckles and wall plates. This contains everything you need in order to create a permanent fixing onto a place of your choice.

The wire rope within the kit can be supplied in different lengths and diameters. For more information on this we would recommend taking a look at  our contact details.

Why Use Galvanized Catenary Cable?

This specific equipment is a galvanised option, which means that the parts have a protective layer of zinc coating. Zinc is a metal which adds a further amount of rust and corrosion resistance to your equipment, We also supply stainless steel catenary wire kits which are generally the preferred choice for applications that will be outdoors.

Placing an order with us

To place an order with us, either fill out the rapid enquiry form at the top of this page, or find a full list of our contact details here. Just a quick phone call or email is all you need to get the right equipment for your application. The sales team is quite knowledgeable and can help with all your enquiries. Our riggers can make up pretty much any type of wire rope assembly you require so don’t hesitate,call RSD today.