Revolving Eye Cable Sock Multi Weave

With a multi weave design similar to our standard heavy duty high strength cable sock, this enhanced example comes with a revolving eye which brings a range of unique benefits to the table. Read on for more information on the revolving eye cable sock .

Why buy a Revolving Eye cable Sock Multi Weave?

The main perk of having an eye which can twist and be re-positioned, rather than remaining rigid, is that it makes it easier to attach to a lifting shackle and other equipment. This makes it a great option for positioning cables in tricky situations where space is limited and this added flexibility is an advantage. Just remember that the eye of this wire rope sock will not revolve once it takes a load due to the forces applied, this is to make it safe.

How do I order?

To order from Rope Services Direct is simple; you can contact us on our website if you wish, or get quotes and guidance on wire rope products from our team over the phone on 01384 78004.

Multi-weave cable Wire Rope Sock Specification

 revolving eye cable sock multi weave


ColorSize range (mm)Lattice length (mm)Approx breaking strength (kg)
Dark green  6 – 127873,170
Brown 12 – 1911434,760
Light blue 19 – 2510926,395
Gold 25 – 32165111,340
Black 32 – 38149914,065
Red 38 – 44208314,065
Dark blue 44 – 57208322,230
Yellow 50 – 63182922,230
Orange 63 – 76182922,230
Aluminium 76 – 89188022,230
Light green 89 – 102193022,230