High Strength Cable Sock

This product is sturdier than any of its wire rope sock counterparts. The high strength cable sock example is tough enough to tackle the toughest cable pulling tasks. We can supply lighter duty socks if you have no need of a grip this powerful. Also available from Rope Services Direct are the non metallic cable socks, ideal where non conductive materials are required.

Speedy specification overview

The galvanized steel woven together to form our high strength cable sock is resilient, resistant to wear and tear as well as being able to bear loads of up to 30,455kg. Each sock is uniquely colour coded to display its breaking strength for all to see with no ambiguity. Lengths of between 1 and 3 meters are offered, letting you pick and choose as necessary.

Call about our High Strength Cable Sock Range

If you need advice or quotes on socks, or any other wire rope options we stock, please get in touch with Rope Services Direct. Our email form lets you contact us online, or you can call 01384 78004 for a real time conversation with our team.

high strength cable sock



ColorConductor Diameter (mm)Rope Diameter (mm)Overall Length (mm)Lattice Length (mm)Approx. Breaking Strength (kg)
Purple06-Oct7.5 – 1010307604,535
Dark greenOct-1613 – 2313009406,360
Red 16 – 22 19 – 28188014739,090
Dark blue 22 – 29 25 – 382210172713,955
Yellow 29 – 35 32 – 432845229921,360
Aluminium 35 – 50 38 – 533073243830,455