Multi Weave Cable Socks

This product consists of intermingling steel strands in a triple weave configuration, these multi weave cable socks are part of our heavy duty cable sock line up. It delivers strength, reliability and safety in equal measure, across a range of size and length options.

Quick Overview of Multi Weave Cable Socks

The breaking strength of the multi weave cable socks we stock will generally be higher than an equivalent light to mid-duty example. Even socks with the shortest lattice length can withstand loads of 3.1 tonnes before they fail. Meanwhile at the upper end of the range, this creep ups to over 22 tonnes. With colour coding included in the design, you will easily be able to identify each sock at a glance.

Ask an expert

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multi weave cable socks


ColorSize range (mm)Lattice length (mm)Approx breaking strength (kg)
Dark green  6 – 127873,170
Brown 12 – 1911434,760
Light blue 19 – 2510926,395
Gold 25 – 32165111,340
Black 32 – 38149914,065
Red 38 – 44208314,065
Dark blue 44 – 57208322,230
Yellow 50 – 63182922,230
Orange 63 – 76182922,230
Aluminium 76 – 89188022,230
Light green 89-102193022,230