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Do your wire ropes need  Solid thimbles instead of the usual open thimble? Well you’re sure to locate it in amongst the vast range of thimbles and other rope fittings right here on Rope Services Direct!

Solid thimbles – sturdy and high quality

solid wire rope thimbleThe range of Solid thimbles we have here are ideal for engineering applications, and are most commonly used on crane ropes.solid thimble for wire rope

Produced from a malleable cast iron these solid thimbles can be supplied in self colour or hot dipped galvanised for a more resistant finish.

Solid thimbles can enable a more permanent connection to a straight pin and are mainly used on crane wire ropes.

Castings are supplied unmachined to BS464 standard. To apply, thimbles will need machining both sides. Attention should be paid to the maximum pin hole size that can be drilled, this must not be exceeded. 2 ½” is the maximum bore hole permitted in our largest solid thimble; view the specification table below where you will find all the technical data.

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From our extensive warehouse in the West Midlands, Rope Services Direct sell Solid Type thimbles, in many sizes. Place an order by simply giving us all your details by filling our customer form here. Like to run an idea past us or need a question answering? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at (01384) 78004. Our friendly staff are always pleased to help with all enquiries.


Diameter Rope inchWidth Overall inch Outside Width inch *Width Inside inchLength Overall inchMaximum Hole Permitted inch **
* Dimension shown C – width outside is the finished size after machining both sides and not the size of the casting offered as standard. ** The maximum pin hole size permitted in the standard

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