Reeving Thimbles

When you are in the market for reeving thimbles for your work in progress, we’re pretty much guaranteeing you’ll find it from the variety here with RSD. There are other variations of rope thimbles on offer along with a vast range of other fittings for use with ropes.

Reeving thimbles – sturdy and reliable

reeving thimblesOur pocket-friendly range of reeving thimbles is useful for many applications. Their specific shape also reeving thimbles for ropesenables another thimble of equal or smaller size to pass through it. The reeving thimble is primarily for adding structure and protection to a soft eye loop at the end of a wire rope. They are usually added during manufacture of the wire rope assembly. Rope Services Direct can make up any rope assembly to suit your requirements – we have our own machinery.

These reeving thimbles are made from hot dipped galvanized mild to BS464 standard. You can choose from a range of sizes with various outer and inner measurements to suit rope sizes from 5/16 – 3/8” up to16/16 – 1”. See table below for more information.

Ready to place your order?

From our extensive warehouse near Birmingham, at Rope Services Direct we have every type of thimble you could ever need. To tell us what you need to order, simply spend a few minutes filling in our rapid e-form here. Also, if you would like some further advise or discuss something with us, our expert team are always on hand when you call 01384 78004. We understand how important it is to choose the part required so please don’t hesitate to ask us anything at all.


Diameter Rope inchWidth Overall inchOutside Width  inchWidth Inside inchLength Overall inchLength Inside inch
5/16 – 3/82.1/811/161.1/44.1/83.1/4
15/16 – 14.15/161.3/839.5/87.3/8