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Stainless Steel Duplex Rope Grips

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Sturdy and easy to use stainless steel duplex rope grips, are available right here at Rope Services Direct at affordable prices.

Stainless steel duplex rope grips  – simple and versatile

Stainless steel duplex rope gripsStainless steel duplex wire rope grips are specially designed to be used in a variety of jobs and act as a simple clamping mechanism. All you need to do is wrap yourStainless steel duplex rope grips wire rope around each side of the double grip and tighten the nuts on to the plate with a pair of pliers or a spanner to hold your galvanised steel rope or stainless steel rope tightly in place. They can be used to form a soft eye / loop in the wire rope which is temporary. The rope will pass in and out of either or each end, it will not pass centrally between the two nuts & bolts, this would damage the wire when the plate tightens down over it.

Made to 316 marine grade standard for outstanding protection against corrosion and adverse weather, these grips are available to suit 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm & 8mm diameter wire ropes.

Whilst you’re shopping with us, we have plenty of other corresponding fittings to choose from such wire rope gripsswivel fittings and wire rope sockets too.

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Operating in the UK near Dudley, at Rope Services Direct we always strive to offer an outstanding variety of excellently crafted duplex grips for every customer and every individual job. Place you order using our form when you’re ready, or you feel more comfortable double checking something first, you can also speak to us about project or seek extra advice by calling 01384 78004.


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