Round Copper Ferrules

Amongst our full ferrule line-up, the round copper ferrules we sell are an attractive option for customers who want to create stainless steel wire rope assemblies that are built to last. We create bespoke ferrules to fit  wire ropes and can press fit them at our factory for convenience if required.

All About Round Copper Ferrules

round copper ferrulesWhile we offer aluminium round ferrules  these are not appropriate for use in combination with stainless steel rope. For that purpose, our copper round ferrules are a better option. They can sit at the point where the rope terminates, or be attached part way along its length if necessary. For safe use of lifting equipment in adverse environments, copper is a capable choice of material.

Our Full Ferrule Line Up

As well as round copper ferrules, we also offer other rope fittings and ferrule types which use copper as their key component. You can buy conical copper ferrules and straight ferrules from Rope Services Direct. Because we offer a bespoke manufacturing services, you can be certain that the ferrules you choose are up to the task at hand. We also stock lifting gear that can be combined with our rope assemblies, so there is no need to go anywhere else.

Need More Copper Round Ferrule Information?

There is no need to stay in the dark about the copper round ferrules we manufacture. A quick call to 01384 78004 is all it takes to talk to an experienced team member who will talk you through the benefits. Email us if you prefer digital communications.

 Wire Rope Capacity Diameter (mm) Die Identification 
Ferrule SizeFill Factor (f=0.40-0.50) Fibre core Fill Factor (f=0.50-0.60) Steel core Dies MarkedDiameter after pressing Required pressure approx.
 MinMaxMinMax mmTolkN
2.12.622.42.55045 60 80 100 125 180 320 410
8.397.68.2918 500