Cable & Wire Rope Ferrules

Rope Services Direct has significant experience in the production of wire rope assemblies, slings, splicing and more, and is delighted to be able to offer a selection of custom-made cables and wire rope products with pressed ferrules and end stops for securing the wire rope termination. Ferrules are seen on many different wire rope assemblies, commonly used to secure the ends of the wire rope together. This configuration is used throughout a wide range of industries for a vast number of applications and therefore it’s important to select the best product for each job.

Types of Ferrules

There are many different types of ferrules available which suit a variety of rope and applications. The shape of the ferrule as well as the size varies considerable and they also come in a range of metals, with aluminium and copper being the most popular.

Straight aluminium ferrule types are the ones we use the most here at Rope Services Direct; they are ideal for use in lifting applications and can be used on single layer wire rope with a fibre or steel core and rotation resistant wire ropes as well as spiral strand rope.

A carbon steel ferrule is normally used for high temperature applications or where high abrasion or corrosion factors are present. A copper or stainless steel ferrule are typically used on stainless steel wire rope because aluminium ferrules will cause electro-chemical corrosion.

We use ferrules to secure eye terminations, where the wire is bent back on itself to form a loop for easy anchoring. Ferrules are used with both soft eyes and with thimbles eyes.

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Wire Rope Ferrules Pressing

We use only the best wire rope ferrules with quality, strength, safety and cost in mind and can manufacture from aluminium, copper, stainless steel and steel.

A ferrule requires a special tool and/or machinery to press them onto the rope securely. There are smaller, hand held swaging devices available which are ideal for site / location pressing. The best way to press a ferrule, especially when used for lifting applications is to use one of the larger, industrial swaging machines which can press on the ferrules using many tonnes of force, ensuring optimum strength.

diesWe have our own industrial press facilities in our wire rope workshop, where we use a wide range of dies in die holders to suit most shapes and sizes of ferrule, this ensure we get the best fitting ferrule possible with no possibility of the ferrule sliding off the rope. We only use the highest quality ferrules which have been seamlessly extruded over mandrel for additional safety.

Call us on 01384 78004 to discuss your particular application and we can supply the most appropriate ferrule to meet your requirements, including bespoke manufactures. We can help with special types of ferrule such as conical, ‘C’ type and syn-crimp ferrules and special stops.


wire rope presses
Please Note: Image taken for purpose of showing press; Was not actually in use at the time of taking. Users always wear protective gloves and other safety equipment whilst operating the presses and handling wire rope.