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Swageless Stud Terminal

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Whatever job you have in mind, if you’re searching for a high quality pack or individual swageless stud terminal, then look no further than our great range at Rope Services Direct.

Swageless stud terminal – enduring and adaptable

Swageless stud terminalSwageless stud terminals are specially designed for connecting wire rope to a variety of structures, and they give room for adjustment but without any strong articulation or wiggle room. Available with metric or imperial threads, swageless stud terminals are used for a wide range of marine and engineering applications, as well as in art work and children’s play areas.

Made of high grade 316 steel, our swageless stud terminals also adhere to both ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 rev C quality standards. This means that not only are they immensely durable, they won’t rust over time, even when exposed to extreme elements, salty air or sea water.

Not quite sure if it’s a swageless stud terminal you need for your next project? Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what to choose, so why not find out more on our swaged terminals page, as well as our other swageless terminals too. Plus we have a great range of wire rope available to choose from as well.

 Swageless stud terminal

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Thanks to our years of experience, we are pleased to offer a large selection of wire rope fittings like swageless stud terminals all under one roof. To place an order, simply fill our quick online enquiry form here. For further information or to ask for expert advice, please call us on 01384 78004.


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