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Turn Buckle Jaw & Jaw

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If you’re looking for a very specific type of turn buckle to use as a wire rope terminal, why not consider something from our range of rigging screws & turnbuckles including the turn buckle jaw & jaw model. Not sure if these are the ones? Have a look at our swaged terminals or our swageless terminals.

Turn buckle jaw & jaw – rust-proof and robust

This particular type of turn buckle is designed for use in boat rigging, securing masts with guy ropes and many other engineering and commercial applications. The jaws on either end are simply attached to shackleswire ropespad eyes and other connectors. A central cross-hole is present at the inner top part of the thread and at both ends of the buckle, which offers clear observation of the maximum extension you can achieve from the end fitting.

Made from 316 grade marine metal, rigging screws themselves are from in a tube shape and come in a massive of sizes and length adjustments. The amount you can adjust each screw by will only be dictated by the available end fittings.

Plus, rigging screws have lubricating properties because the inner section of the body offers the perfect reservoir for grease etc to collect. This adds extra protection against corrosion, particularly when subjected to salt water and sea air.

                                                        wire rope Turn buckle jaw & jaw


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Rope Services Direct offers turn buckle jaw / jaw studs in a fantastic range of sizes and extension options. If you would like to ask us a question about a rope fitting or need some more help, please call us on 01384 78004. All our contact details can be found at our contact page, this includes our easy to complete contact form.


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