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Rigging Screw – Jaw & Swageless stud

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This page looks at the rigging screw jaw & swageless stud terminal. So if you need a strong and versatile stainless steel rigging screw but without a swage? Why not consider something from our range of swageless terminals. Or if you’re not exactly sure, take a look through our swaged terminals too.

Rigging Screw Jaw & Swageless Stud – reliable in all weathers

Rigging Screw Jaw & Swageless StudSwageless studs are actually put together by hand using spanners and are made from superior quality 316 marine grade steel. Designed for use with stainless steel wire rope, when assembled exactly as required, swageless stud terminals should be as strong as the cable itself and are a fantastic alternative to swaging. They’re also able to resist sea air and salt water so are very long-lasting.

It’s worth checking before you place your order that you choose the right size of rigging screw fitting to match your particular wire type and diameter. This is because even though the fittings are identical, the crown ring inside each one will only work with specific types of wire.

Rigging screw jaws / swageless studs are mostly used for wire rope rigging applications such as in the marine and leisure industries.                                                                  Rigging Screw Jaw & Swageless Stud

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At Rope Services Direct we supply rigging screw jaw & swageless stud in a wide range of lengths and specifications. Whether you need some replacement screws for securing boat rigging or any other purpose, contact us now. For further help with wire rope fittings or to ask us a question, please do give us a call on 01384 78004.


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