What is a Catenary Wire Fixing Kit?

What is a catenary wire fixing kit

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What is a Catenary Wire Fixing Kit?

17 May, 2022

Catenary wire fixing kits enable you to safely and securely suspend and support cables. That said, kits can vary from one manufacturer to another, however, there are two main types: galvanised catenary wire kits and stainless-steel catenary wire kits.

At Rope Services Direct, both of our kits can be used safely in various internal and external environments. Our galvanised version features a protective zinc coating. These kits are ideal for more corrosive environments, whilst our stainless-steel version already has some natural corrosion resistance.


What does a catenary wire kit include?

A typical kit will include a wire rope coil, thimble eyes, wire rope grips, hook or eye tension turnbuckles and wall plates – so you have everything needed to create a permanent fixing. Our wire rope can be produced in a variety of diameters and lengths.


How do you use a catenary wire kit?

Whether you need a kit to support outdoor cables and lighting, decorations, hanging plants or any other application, we've outlined some steps in a typical installation.


  •         After selecting an appropriate fixing point, the wall plate will need to be fixed using either wall plugs or screws (depending on the substrate).
  •         Pass your chosen length of wire through the wall plate before attaching a thimble eye to each end.
  •         Once the thimble eyes are in place, you can add a wire rope grip to each end. These will need to be tightened using a wrench until they're secure.
  •         The final step is to adjust the turnbuckles until the wire is tight and secure before trimming off any excess wire.

A high-quality catenary wire fixing kit will streamline the installation process, helping you safely, securely and effectively support cables for indoor and outdoor applications.

If you'd like to learn more about our catenary wire fixing kits or wish to speak to our team about your needs, please call us on 01384 78004.