Using Rope for Garden Projects

Using rope for garden projects

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Using Rope for Garden Projects

6 April, 2023

Rope comes in many formats and almost all can be utilised for garden projects in some way. Whether you want a simple length of rope to play tug of war or tensioned wire rope for plant training Rope Services Direct can supply everything you need. Read on to find out about some other uses of ropes for garden projects.

Uses of Wire Rope in the Garden

wire rope balustrading for garden defining

Wire ropes can be a great addition to your garden especially if you want a modern look. Stainless steel wire rope is the best option for the garden as it won't rust and looks great with its shiny surface.

Wire rope is strong and comes in many different diameters so you can tailor the thickness according to its use and the look you want.

Typical uses of wire rope in the garden include barriers/balustrading, perhaps instead of wooden deck posts or glass panels which are hard to keep clean. Wire ropes used in this way are unobtrusive and don't hamper the view, they can actually enhance it thanks to the aesthetically pleasing nature of stainless rope.

With the right fittings wire rope can be tensioned according to your needs and allows them to be anchored in any orientation, horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Typical fittings include turnbuckles or rigging screws for tensioning but you will probably need other fittings for anchoring the rope to your structure. Eye bolts, base plates, ferrules, thimbles, swivel fittings, snap hooks, shackles and more can all be supplied to accommodate your needs.

Wire ropes are also used to highlight particular areas of the garden, perhaps a rockery or hot tub area. Other uses include trellis type set ups so that plants can be trained and held in position whilst still looking great, much nicer and stronger than typical garden wire.

wire rope balustrade     tensioned wire rope in the garden  stainless balustradewire rope for plant support

Uses of Fibre Rope in the Garden

There is a range of fibre ropes available, natural and man-made. The man made variety such as polypropylene, polyester or nylon can be used in the garden but the natural variety like sisal or manila are the most popular.

Natural ropes should be pre-shrunk before using in their final position. Simply soaking in water then drying out will prevent unwanted shrinkage later on. Allow around 8-10% for shrinkage.

When trying to decide between sisal or manila it is worth looking into their properties. Manila typically outlasts sisal for example and is somewhat softer and smoother to handle, it is also more resistant to sunlight. Sisal on the other hand can be a little rougher but offers a lovely rustic charm to your garden. Both types are salt resistant so perfect for coastal areas.

Out of the two Manila is probably the most popular for garden use. But both are commonly used around decking areas, planted borders and for highlighting specific areas. With the right fittings the ropes can be pulled pretty taught or draped according to your taste.

Other uses for fibre ropes include garden swings and even for fun things like tug-o-war, limbo or skipping.

Using any type of rope in your garden adds a whole new dimension, a typical garden will now have added interest and look more modern or rustic, depending on the rope chosen. Their uses are endless so get creative, we would love to see your designs on our Facebook page.

                        natural rope garden barrierrope swing

                                                                                       limbo rope

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