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4 Leg Wire Rope Slings

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Welcome to the Rope Services Direct product page for our 4 leg wire rope slings. Ideal for lifting and handling larger and heavier objects.

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4 leg wire rope slings

4 leg wire rope slingsThis is a highly useful wire rope product, and we can supply it in many different formats. We can provide the wire rope as it is on its own, or in a number combinations. For example, we can complete the rope with thimble eyes or soft eyes at each end. We can attach all four sling legs to a master link, and then have hooks at the other end.

This makes the product ready for immediate use for your desired operation. Four leg lifting slings are perfect for adding stability to larger loads. Each leg can be hooked onto the four corners of a heavy crate for example, offering ultimate stability.  We can produce these 4 leg wire rope slings in a length to suit your lifting application. Remember that if you don’t utilize all 4 legs for a lift then the un-used legs must be securely hooked back.

Our equipment is constructed from strong stainless steel rope  or galvanised steel rope, and can be completed in various finishes, such as a plastic coated rope option, which adds extra protection to heavy wear areas.

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We also manufacture, stock and supply this product with a single legtwo legs and three legs too. If you would like to discuss in more depth these products and which the right one might be for your organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Wire ropes are our speciality.

You can call us on 01384 78004 or contact us here. You can also find more information on our products from reading our regularly updated news page.

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