Wire Rope Double Leg Slings

Here at Rope Services Direct, we are able to supply wire rope slings with single or multiple legs. The number of legs that you’ll need will vary depending on the operation that you need to complete. Below you will find more information on our handy wire rope double leg slings.

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Wire Rope Double Leg Slings – Product details

wire rope double leg slingsA leg refers to part of the sling, and is a length of wire rope. Constructed from strong and resistant steel our slings are produced and tested onsite using our highly innovative facilities. We can also finish this wire rope in a number of different ways in order to make it more protective or suitable for other operations.

With this product, we will supply two legs, which are most commonly utilised with master links in order to make them suitable for use. We can complete this product at both ends with a soft or hard eye loop. One end will be hooked into the master link, and one will be free for your operation. Both slings will be attached to the master link. This enables a safer lifting operation with two rather than one leg. Hooks or other fittings can be fitted to the eyes at the lower end of the rope to facilitate easier connections.

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