Single Leg Wire Rope Sling with Masterlink & Hook

Welcome to our product page for a single leg wire rope sling with masterlink & hook. Here at Rope Services Direct we stock many different types of wire rope slings, so please read on below to find out more about our single leg variety. This single leg wire rope sling with master link and hook is a complete lifting system.

Single leg wire rope sling with masterlink & hook – what you can expect

single leg wire rope sling with masterlink & hookAs its name may suggest, this product can come with more than one leg. A ‘leg’ is a length of wire rope, which has been spliced or pressed at the end to form an eye loop. You may find that this eye loop runs over a thimble for added robustness, but this isn’t always necessary.

We can supply this leg on its own, but more commonly you will find a leg, or several legs, attached to a master link. This particular product will come attached to the master link and will have a hook too. This means that it can be immediately used for the operation that you have purchased it for.

The equipment itself is constructed from strong metal fibres and provides a great alternative to a chain sling.


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