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Endless Disposable Slings

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ired of  looking around for a decent quality endless disposable slings? Rope Services Direct could be just what you need – and all in one place.

Endless Disposable slings – Single use or more

endless disposable lifting slingsEndless slings are also often known as a one way disposable slings and one way lifting slings. These types of lifting slings from us adhere to the latest legislation with a breaking load safety factor of 7:1. Therefore they do not always need to be thrown away after just one use which can be much more economical.

One way endless slings are used by manufacturers for lifting and moving large structures within the construction industry. This can often include roof trusses and timber, housing panels and walls. They are also ideal for raising yachts, boats and barges into dry dock for maintenance or to be moved to a different location. This type of lifting sling is used to lift the load and placed on its transportation, the sling will stay in position throughout the operation until it is off-loaded at its final  destination where it is usually removed.

Why not have a look through more endless slings on our website, including coated slings and fibre rope slings too?

                                                                      25mm endless one way sling 50mm endless one way sling  

 Ordering your one way endless lifting sling couldn’t be easier

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