4 Leg Web Sling

Looking for a 4 leg web sling with your choice of fittings? With Rope Services Direct you’ll find the exact sling at a great price in no time.

Multi-leg lifting slings  – 4 leg web sling

4 leg web slingWe are experts in supplying multi-leg slings from our sizeable warehouse near Birmingham in the UK. Our 4 leg web slings bring flat webbing, and specific fittings together, like hooks, master links and shackles, to create your ideal 4 leg web sling.For complete peace of mind, all our multi-leg slings are extensively tested and are delivered with a certificate of conformity too.

When deciding the load limit for your sling, it’s highly recommended you call us before purchasing, on 01384 78004. This is simply to talk about your project and calculate the limit together. Often multi-leg lifting slings are bespoke so it’s very tricky to work out the safe load limit yourself. Safety is key, and a sling should never be required to bear a load which is heavier than originally created for. Safe slinging practices must always be applied when working with slings for lifting. There are many factors to consider for a safe lift. Things such as the hitch type and the sling angle, which can affect the SWL. Always refer to the manufacturers instructions.

Don’t forget to also look at our lifting slings we have available too, just in case you spot something more suitable.

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