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Rope Services Direct manufactures polyester endless slings to the highest of manufacturing standards in-house. The  polyester fibre is high-tensile and continuously wound to form the endless sling. These types of lifting sling are called endless slings because they have no end, they form a continual loop. Endless slings are also referred to as soft slings, endless round slings or endless web slings. All of our endless lifting slings are produced in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations. Including the BSEN1492-2 2000 CE.

The benefits of using this type of equipment

There are many benefits to using this type of equipment. Endless lifting slings are popular in applications such as vertical, basket hitch and choker. The endless sling design allows for the hook and load contact points to be rotated/moved this practice is essential to extending the working life of the endless sling; as the sling is rotated, the main contact points move and so the forces and stress applied to the sling are shared over the whole sling rather than one or two points being under constant pressure. 

We can also manufacture this equipment in a range of sizes to suit a multitude of operations. Thanks to our modern and innovative facilities located on site. We also thoroughly test and inspect all equipment before we supply it to customers. 
Get in touch with  your specifications, and we would be more than happy to help!

More information on the use of polyester for endless slings

endless sling colours 

Polyester is a man-made, stretch resistant material; so it will not be as tolerant to shock loading. It is also resistant to so mould, mildew and rotting problems making polyester a perfect choice for endless slings. These types of slings are often used in the marine and dockyard industries, and are commonly used as boat slings or barge slings for lifting out boats into dry docks. It’s a must that equipment operating within these industries has a good level of resistance to moisture, particularly salt water, and endless slings are more than capable of this.

A further key quality of polyester for use in slings is that have good UV resistance which means that they are particularly suitable for outdoor slinging applications.

Colour coding for endless slings

Many lifting sling products abide by an industry standard colour code, which you will find on equipment of this type regardless of which manufacturer you shop with.  It is prudent therefore to avoid un-coded slings altogether.

This colour coding system allows manufacturers and customers to quickly, easily and safely identify the safe working load of the equipment that they plan to use for an operation. The colour coding system for endless slings is as follows:

Purple = one tonne lifting capability

Green = two tonnes lifting capability

Yellow = Three tonnes lifting capability

Grey = Four tonnes lifting capability

Red = Five tonnes lifting capability

Brown = Six tonnes lifting capability

Blue = Eight tonnes lifting capability

Orange = Ten tonnes lifting capability

For note, one tonne is equivalent to 1000Kg. So an orange endless sling has a safe working load of 10,000Kg. If you know the weight of the loads that you plan to lift in these operations, then the coding above should help you to quickly identify which is the right piece of equipment is for you.

Protecting your sling

As you will have read above, our endless slings are incredibly strong. They are also resistant to a whole range of harmful factors, such as heat or moisture. They also have a great level of resistance against abrasion damage, something which is important to ensure that they have a long service life. This is also important to ensure that they don’t damage or scratch the load that they are operating with.

However, if you plan to use your endless sling for a particularly heavy duty or more hazardous operation, then it could be worth considering having extra protection for your equipment. For this, we recommend considering protective sleeving, a sturdy product which adds an extra layer of defence between your sling and the load it is working with. This sleeving will greatly help to reduce cutting and abrasion damage.

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With the industry standard colour codes, our endless lifting slings easily identify load capacity for safe working. We are happy to supply just one or two slings or many multiples. We can also produce wear sleeves for even more protection if required. As with all lifting equipment, get them inspected regularly.

Call us here at Rope Services Direct today on 01384 78004, or you can use our contact us page or rapid enquiry button for email correspondence.

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