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6m retractable fall arrest block

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6m Retractable Fall Arrest Block

6m Retractable Fall Arrest Block

Offering the ability to accommodate users weighing up to 140kg. The FA20 400 06 is a 6m retractable fall arrest block. A fall arrestor will allow unhindered movement but cushion you if you fall.

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6m retractable fall arrest block – FA20 400 06 Specifications

The 140kg weight limit provided by the FA20 400 06 retractable fall arrest block is its maximum vertical load capacity, and only applies when used in conjunction with the correct harness.

When a fall takes place, the internal brake will kick in. Forces exerted upon bodies will be under 6kN thanks to the cushioning fall momentum.

Because this type of height safety equipment will often need to be moved, it comes with a handy carry handle on the outside. Moulded from resilient polymer the casing is robust. The polymer will prevent wear and tear taking it out of action, even with intensive use.

A load indicator at the end where the user attaches to the swivel snap hook will prevent the fall arrest block being over-burdened unintentionally.

Varied Fall Arrest Blocks to choose

Alternative retractable fall arrest blocks can be found on our site, like the 3.5 metre FA20 400 03 or the 25-30 metre FA 400 25/30.

Always follow the HSE guidelines for working at heights.

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