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Tie Down Rope

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Tie down rope is an extremely useful, strong and versatile piece of equipment.  This rope can offer many benefits and applications to users.

Rope Services Direct can supply this type of tie down rope in various diameters from 4 mm up to 12 mm and in virtually any length, and we can also supply full coils which carry 220 meters. Find all of the most important product information listed below.

More information about this product

cargo tie down rope

You may have noticed that this type of three strand rope also falls under the fibre rope category of our product selection. That’s because it’s used for a wide range of tasks.  Here it is used as tie down rope in the same way as our ratchet straps and cargo restraints, but simply coming in rope form instead of webbing. This use is typically for securing loads, which is where the ‘tie down’ part of its name comes from.

Some popular industries that use this type of equipment for this purpose are the transport and vehicle recovery sectors.

Our rope will be constructed from 3 strand blue split film Polypropylene. Whilst polyester is the material that we use for our ratchet straps and cargo restraints, and offers many benefits to users. Polypropylene is a strong, yet light and flexible and doesn’t suffer from shrinking. It is also very buoyant. Alongside this, it has a great level of resistance to chemicals, oils & acids.

Using our on-site facilities and expert knowledge, we are able to reliably manufacture, test and supply this equipment on demand. We can design and manufacture it perfectly to your specifications, ready for whatever use that you may have of it.

End fittings for this equipment

It’s unlikely that you will only want to use the rope on its own. You are likely to need some kind of end fitting to complete it. This will help you to utilise it in a number of different ways.

A member of our team will be able to hand splice the rope to form an eye, or maybe add a thimble eye and/or hook for ease of use. A thimble eye resembles the looped eye shape that will be created by hand splicing this equipment, but is used as a supporting frame for the rope to run around. This means that the thimble will sit inside the eye of the rope. Hand spliced eyes that don’t have thimbles are still strong. However a thimble will help to add that extra layer of strength and sturdiness to an operation.

While the rope will provide the foundation for conducting an operation, more often than not an end fitting will need to be used in order to complete it.

There are many fittings available, which are designed for ease-of-use and efficiency. So call our team with what you need your rope to achieve and you will get good advice on the best equipment for your intended task. You can find our contact details below ready for product ordering.

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