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Flat Snap Hook Fittings

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Flat snap hook fittings are a versatile type of ratchet strap fitting that offers an extra layer of security when lashing larger loads. As well as twisted snap hooks we sell compact, flat units to compliment a custom ratchet strap setup.

Perks of Flat Snap Hook Fittings

flat snap hook fittingsFlat snap hooks fittings are the right fitting to choose when you want to make sure that there is no chance of a ratchet strap becoming loose. The snap mechanism locks it in place to an anchor point, so it cannot be jiggled out of position unnecessarily.

A snap hook is not just a great option for avoiding accidents and ensuring safe transport of cargo. It is also a slim, compact, cost effective component that lets you stitch the strap through it for a permanent lashing solution.

Size Selection & Alternative Hook Choices

Our flat snap hooks can be ordered in whatever size you need, and can also be plated with zinc to improve their resistance to corrosion and improve the durability of the exterior to reduce wear and tear over time. Browser our complete collection of custom hooks for more products, including chassis hooks and claw hooks. You will really see a difference when you order with us. We also have many other types of cargo restraints and lashings available.

Your Flat Snap Hook Questions Answered

You can get to the bottom of any snap hook conundrum by talking to the Rope Services Direct support team. Contacting us is as easy as calling 01384 78004 or using our site to send us an email. We will reply as quickly as possible to any question.

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