Claw Hook Fittings

We offer claw hook ratchet strap fittings that are amongst the most widely deployed component in a safe cargo lashing setup. Available in different shapes and configurations, our claw hooks are sturdy, stable and cost-effective for commercial customers to choose.

Our Claw Hook Fittings Range

In most cases the claw hooks we sell consist of a single piece of metal wire that has been shaped and then welded so that it is able to offer superior strength when securing a load-bearing strap in place. If you need a claw hook that comes with a latching system to create an even safer anchor point, these are also available from Rope Services Direct.

A claw hook typically sits at the end of a ratchet strap, providing a fast yet effective way of quickly keeping a load in check. Because we offer custom ratchet strap assemblies, you can configure something unique that includes this type of component. Different materials can also be chosen to provide additional resistances against hazardous environments.

claw hooks

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Our full line up of hooks includes a number of other common fitting types. You can buy wider chassis rave hooks as well as snap hooks so that every conceivable application is covered.

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