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Long Wide Ratchet Handle

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Whatever your lashing needs, we can supply long wide ratchet handle fittings that are made with quality materials. They are built to last for as long as you need them. Our long wide handle attachments can streamline the lashing process and create a tight fit with less operator effort required.

Why Use Long Wide Ratchet Handle Fittings?

As well as the short, narrow handle ratchet strap fittings we sell, our longer, wider handle models are available to buy on our site. These handles are typically used to activate locking buckles that will grip the strap tightly and immovably, until released. They can be used with wider webbing straps than the standard narrower handles.

Benefits of a Long Wide Handle

Long Wide Ratchet HandleWith a long wide ratchet handle you get plenty of leverage over the buckle, which comes in handy as the strap is gradually tightened. This lets you exert more force without overexerting yourself or putting the buckle under untenable amounts of stress. With the handle being wider than normal, your hand will fit comfortably. This could be an added bonus for people with larger hands.

The size of these handles can be a hindrance in some situations, which is why our full range of ratchet strap fittings is packed with alternatives. We also make custom ratchet strap assemblies that are adapted to meet your needs.

Look to us for Ratchet Strap Fitting Advice

We will help you make a decision about which ratchet strap fittings are right for you, whether you need long wide handle attachments or something different to achieve lashing safety. Visit our contact page to email us or call 01384 78004 to speak to the Rope Services Direct team.

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