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We manufacture, stock and supply a range of cargo and ratchet straps here at Rope Services Direct. While all are used to safely tie down loads, each of our products has been designed with a specific purpose in mind, and offers their users a unique array of benefits. Our extensive range includes 25mm mini ratchets.

More information on our Mini Ratchets

Mini ratchet tie-Down straps, also known as small ratchets. They are ideal for securing lightweight loads such as securing canoes/kayaks to car roof racks, securing internal vehicle loads and motorcycles to trailers, etc.

mini ratchet strapsThis ratchet is specifically designed to be small and compact. The mini ratchet to secures loads without having to use large straps which are more suited to bulkier loads. For this reason, you will typically find 25mm mini ratchets being used in less industrial environments.

However, don’t let the mini ratchet’s size fool you though; its smaller size does not reduce its hard-wearing and endurance qualities. Not to mention the fact that it still provides an extremely strong and safe securing point.

No lifting job or tying operation is the same, and we know this here at Rope Services Direct. For that reason, our 25mm mini ratchets can come in a range of lengths and colours, meaning we can match your exact specification to best suit your needs.

What are our straps made from?

Further adding to their already extremely beneficial nature is the fact that our straps are made from strong polyester webbing that is highly tensile. Polyester is a type of polymer that has become an extremely popular material in the industry.

The main characteristics of polyester are:

  • It is a strong material
  • It’s extremely durable, making it resistant to the majority of chemicals, moisture and mildew. Polyester is also highly resistant to stretching or shrinking
  • It is a material that quickly dries
  • It retains its shape
  • If necessary, it is easy to wash and dry the material

As you can see from the above, our mini 25mm ratchet lashings possess a number of great qualities.  This make it brilliant for use both indoors and outdoors. We have found that cargo straps are often utilised in many different conditions. For this reason it is helpful that it can withstand many changing pressures and elements.

Of course, safety is one of the most important factors in an industry where you could be securing extremely heavy loads, or perhaps tying down loads to the top of vehicles. For this reason, all of our mini ratchets are manufactured with the utmost importance placed on safety. We have our own facilities located on site, allowing us the benefit of thoroughly testing all equipment before we supply it.

25mm ratchet straps

Our extensive range of ratchet strap fittings

Ratchet straps simply form the part of the equipment that can be tied and secured around loads, but they must be utilised with ratchet strap fittings in order to allow them to be fastened.

We offer a number of ratchet strap fittings here at Rope Services Direct, perfect for a range of applications. Alongside these 25mm lashings we also supply  35mm50mm and 75mm ratchet straps as well as endless ratchets.If you are unsure which is the right fitting for you and your operation, please refer to our contact details below and one of the team would be more than happy to help.

How you can order from us

Order mini ratchets by calling 01384 78004. Our sales team will also be able to advise if this is the best ratchet for your purposes. Or, if you would like to contact us via another means, please see our full list of contact details here.


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