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3.5m Retractable Fall Arrest Block – FA20 400 03

3.5m Retractable Fall Arrest Block – FA20 400 03

The FA20 400 03 is a 3.5m retractable fall arrest block.  It has the ability to safely manage users weighing up to 100kg, or just under 16 stone. Its resilient construction and clever design will help avoid injuries.

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3.5m Retractable Fall Arrest Block – FA20 400 03 Capabilities

The rope which is used to take the weight of the user of this retractable fall arrest block is made from 4.8mm steel wire which has been galvanised to boost its resistance to corrosion. Coupled with the polymer outer casing and swivel fitting, it is a robust product inside and out. There is a karabiner at the top end to safely anchor the block.  And there is a swivel snap hook with a load indictor at the attachment end.

A mechanism within the body of the fall arrest block takes care of the braking when an accident takes place, bringing the user to a stop much more gently than would otherwise be the case with a simple rigid restraint.  Energy absorption is provided by an external mechanism.

Safety is further enhanced as the FA20 400 03 3.5 metre retractable fall arrest block has been built to comply with VG 11.060 standards for horizontal use and operations which put it in contact with sharp surfaces.

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