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Rope Services Direct both manufacture and supply a wide range of winch cables and rope which are made from either steel or synthetic fibres. You can find out more about this handy, strong and safe product below, as well as more information on how to place an order.

All you need to know about winch rope

Winches will need a wire rope to complete the winching operation.  There are a huge number of operations which requiring winching; perhaps for the towing of broken down vehicles or to rescue automobiles that are stuck, or even to winch items and loads within warehouse settings.

The key with winch cable is that it needs to be strong, because it will often be handling extremely heavy loads. For example, trucks or SUV’s can weigh several thousand kilograms. But, it’s not just lifting capabilities that need to be considered. Factors such as elasticity, flexibility, sturdiness and the transferring of energy all need to be thought about with any winch. There can be no room for error with this, and unnecessary swinging or moving of loads needs to be prevented.

For this reason, our ropes with winches are designed to be lightweight whilst also proving to be very robust and strong under the most grueling of uses and in challenging environments.

Choose from a range of specifications (e.g. 6x36, 7x19, etc.) depending on your winching requirements.

We safely design, manufacture and test all of our winch rope products onsite, ensuring that we can guarantee their safety to our customers. Visit the about us page to find out more. Part of this testing process will involve proof loading. So our products will more than do what they say on the tin! Individually manufactured, each item allows full trace-ability of products.

The difference between synthetic and steel fibres

winch rope As we noted above, we can supply this product in either a synthetic or steel fibre (wire-rope) version. Here we have briefly explained the difference between the   two. Synthetic fibre rope tends to be better for recovery situations as it is lightweight and much easier to handle. It won’t develop any sharp burrs like you may find   on the steel fibres of wire rope. It also won’t store as much energy while a load is in operation.

 Steel wire rope, on the other hand, is more durable. It can also be used for recovery operations, and also finds great use in utility work. This rope boasts a strong   level of  resistance to abrasion and doesn’t need to worry about UV ray damage from sunlight. It is, however, heavier than its counterpart, and is more likely to rust.   It’s generally  the recommended choice if you don’t need to use your winch cable as frequently.

Completing your winch rope with an end fitting

We can also supply hooks and other termination options for your winch rope and cables to ensure that you are able to use them for a wide variety of operations. These are necessary in order to makewire rope for winches your ropes with winches the finished product; without it, it’s just rope! For example, our strong and robust hooks can be used to latch onto vehicles, guarantee a safe winching operation.

We will ensure that whatever fitting you choose, it has been safely fused onto your winch rope, creating an end termination that will last. For any ends of rope that don’t require a fitting, end stops can be used. We can manufacture special assemblies to suit your needs.

Unsure of what the right type of end fitting is for you? You can find all of our contact details listed below.

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Call Rope Services Direct today on 01384 78004  or use the contact us page to ensure you order the optimal winch rope for your requirements.

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