19 x 7 Theatre Cable

Available in diameters of between 4mm and 6mm, our 19 x 7 theatre cable is perfectly poised for use behind the scenes in commercial venues of all kinds. Coated in highly durable PVC plastic, our theatre cables will blend in with the background, offering immense strength and durability.

Why Buy 19 x 7 Theatre Cable?

19 x 7 theatre ropeA theatre can be a challenging environment for any lifting gear to operate, as wear and tear from regular use is inevitable and since the show must go on, there is little tolerance for poor quality cabling. Our coated cables deliver the best of both worlds in terms of sturdiness and inconspicuousness. They will not stand out against a black backdrop and can be ordered with a range of shackles and other end attachments to customise their usability.

Theatre Cable Safety Advantages

The theatre has its own safety hazards to consider. While the environment is unlikely to cause wire rope durability issues due to chemical corrosion, the need for resilience and protection is significant. A 19 x 7 construction theatre cable can bear heavy loads, act as a practical hoist and be customised according to your needs, just like our wire rope assemblies.

Uncertain About 19 x 7 Construction Theatre Cable?

Whatever questions you might have about our theatre cable products, or any other wire rope product a quick call to 01384 78004 is all it takes to talk to our team and get more information. You can also drop us an email from our on-site contact form. We reply quickly to everyone who gets in touch.

  177019601570 (AISI)
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