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17x7 Non-rotating Wire Rope

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17x7 non-rotating wire ropeNon-rotating rope products are often an essential tool for many operations. Here you will find all relevant product information regarding our 17x7 non-rotating wire rope.

The characteristics of 17x7 non-rotating wire rope

All ropes that have been manufactured in a standard way will often develop torque, which is a moment of rotational force. It’s not a fault, simply the way the construction reacts while in operation.

However, sometimes this isn’t safe for some operations, as unpredictable twisting and rotating could cause great harm or damage. That’s why non-rotating wire rope has been specially designed. The outer rotational force of the rope will counteract the rotational force of the inner strands, leaving a wire rope that is resistant to rotating.

Another big benefit to this method of manufacturing is that the rope will maintain its lifting strength during an operation. A rotating rope could be subject to its wires and strands unravelling, causing it to lose its strength during an operation. This could obviously have disastrous consequences.

This particular product, the 17x7 non-rotating wire rope, is constructed from 18 bundles/strands of 7 wires of stainless steel. As well as having a good level of resistance to rotation, its stainless steel nature will also mean that it is resistant to corrosion and rust.

Placing an order with us

Need non-rotating equipment for your operation? Our 17x7 construction could be the perfect solution for you. To find out more on any wire rope product, please call us on 01384 78004, or get in touch with us here.

17x7 non-rotating wire rope specification

  2160 Mpa 
Diameter  KG/M kN
6 0.15 30
6.7 0.19 37
7 0.21 41
7.5 0.24 47
8.2 0.28 56
8.5 0.31 60
9 0.34 68
10 0.43 84
10.5 0.47 93
11 0.52 102
12 0.62 121
13 0.73 143
14 0.85 166
14.5 0.91 178
16 1.11 217
18 1.41 275



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