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Rope Services Direct supply a complete range of garage door cables suited to the various styles of garage door available. Our offering includes both stainless steel and galvanized steel options.

The mechanism on a garage door will require two cables to provide smooth operation. There are also a range of end fittings available for our cables, perfect for allowing you to choose the best combination for your setup. These are designed to permanently terminate the end of your wire rope, but also to provide a great attachment suitable for garage doors.

Garage doors can come in a range of shapes and sizes and with different lifting mechanisms. Perhaps they are small doors found protecting your car at home. Or perhaps they are large, more industrial sized garage doors found on industrial work units / factories. Either way, their purpose is the same; to provide safe protection for what is inside, and to be opened with ease, and stabilised, where necessary.

The mechanism that operates the garage door, therefore, must be reliable and safe. Opening and closing the door smoothly & without hinderance is imperative.

Our garage door cables has become such a popular choice for many around the UK. You can read more about our fittings here, and if you need help in deciding which is the right product for you, please find our contact details at the bottom of this page.

More information on galvanized wire rope

As we discussed above, you can purchase our cables in both a stainless steel and a galvanized steel option. Galvanized wire rope is regularly used as it is usually cheaper and often comes in a wider range of sizes and diameters.

Cables that are stainless steel are more resistant to rust and therefore may offer greater longevity due to them being used in damp conditions. We recommend speaking to us first before deciding which of the products is right for you.

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Keeping your Garage Door Cables in good working condition

Whether you choose the stainless steel or galvanized option, its crucial that you keep them in good working order. You need to rest easy knowing that your garage door mechanism will work smoothly when you open and close it.

Be sure to regularly inspect your equipment, looking for any signs of wear and tear, broken wires, distortion or interior corrosion. Corrosion is an important one, as many of these garages will be operating outside. Corrosion resistance will, never the less gradually decrease over the years.  Applying the correct lubrication periodically will help. Should you notice any problems, please get in contact with us right away.

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So if you are looking for garage door cable look no further. Rope Services Direct are available to meet your needs. We have a list of partner companies where we can find the trickiest cables, as we understand that each garage is different!

If you would like more information on our range of cables, or would like to enquire about one of our many other wire rope products, then we’re here to help. Please either contact us today on 01384 78004 or find our full list of other details available here.

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