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6mm 6x36 galvanised wire rope

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6mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope - Fibre or Wire Core

6mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope - Fibre or Wire Core

Part of our galvanised wire rope range, this 6x36 construction rope is surprisingly flexible and offers a 6mm diameter for light lifting duties or use in maritime rigging. Available with a fibre core or a wire core, you have a choice of attributes on the table for the 6mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope.

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Benefits of 6mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope

By galvanising the steel strands of this 6x36 rope, the build up of corrosion over time will be dramatically reduced. This allows it to be used in settings where moisture is an unavoidable presence, such as on lifting equipment that will be used outdoors.

In terms of load capacity, you can expect a maximum limit of just over 2.5 tonnes for the highest quality wire core example of this rope. The fibre core equivalent is not quite as sturdy, but does offer improved flexibility which may be advantageous for your intended application.

Wire Core 1770 1960
Diameter kg/100M kN Kg kN Kg
6 14.72 22.7 2,312 25.1 2,561
Fibre Core  1770 1960
Diameter KG/100M kN KG Kn KG
6 13.21 21 2,143 23.3 2,374

Customise your order of 6mm wire rope

At Rope Services Direct we offer a full line up of lifting slings, including wire rope slings and custom assemblies of all kinds that are fully adaptable. You can choose to use this 6mm 6x36 galvanised rope as the foundation for your bespoke order and let our engineers do the work of putting everything together for you. Choose from our vast collection of end terminations to complete your wire rope assembly.

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