The Use of Wire Rope in the Engineering Industry

The engineering industry is a large one, encompassing a huge number of sectors, including aerospace, architecture, construction, defence, health and safety, chemical, surveying and dozens more. It involves everything from innovation and inventions to design, research and building, so there are a large number of different procedures and processes involved within the engineering industry.

Rope is used heavily throughout this process to ensure that the manufacturing lines run smoothly, the products are created safely and to a high level of quality, and that costs are kept down as low as possible while a long-lasting life of operation is guaranteed. This article examines in greater detail how wire rope is used within the engineering industry.

 Why is wire rope used within the engineering industry?

 As previously mentioned, the engineering industry involves dozens of different sectors, and hundreds of different parts and processes. Wire rope is one of the most adaptable pieces of equipment on the market. Not only is it one of the strongest and sturdiest pieces of lifting equipment, but it finds uses in other industries such as oil and gas for geothermal cabling and in the military as internal shock absorbers.

 Its multiple uses and qualities of high strength make it a widely used piece of equipment across the engineering sector. Manufacturers need equipment that they can rely on and that will keep their costs down, and rope is perfect for this.

 How is it used within the engineering industry?

The material is able to withstand a great deal of crushing, bending, and abrasion, and so finds multiple uses within the engineering industry. One area in which it is particularly useful is within the civil engineering industry. This sector involves much trench cutting, excavations, drilling, pile driving, grabbing and heavy duty cable roofing and safety fences, and rope is adaptable enough to be used for all of these different requirements.

Wire rope is also commonly utilised with much of the machinery that is used in the engineering industry, such as cable dredgers, slurry trench cutters and rotary drilling rigs. Other uses include construction projects, where it is used as structural support cables to hold together buildings, bridges, stadiums, and vessels.

As the engineering industry includes many of the other industries that the lifting medium is used within, you can see a number of other uses that rope has in this sector in our article Wire Rope Uses Across Different Industries and Sectors.

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