32mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope | Wire or Fibre Core

32mm 6x36 galvanised wire rope

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32mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope Wire or Fibre Core

32mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope Wire or Fibre Core

Wire rope needs can vary, but if you are looking for great performance in most commercial settings for lifting, rigging and other key applications, our 32mm 6x36 galvanized wire rope range with either a fibre or wire core could be right up your street.

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Benefits of 32mm 6x36 Galvanized Wire Rope Wire or Fibre Core

With a load capacity that can reach almost 73 tonnes in the sturdiest configuration of this 32mm diameter galvanized rope, you should have no problem tackling various lifting duties in marine environments. The excellent reliability of this rope is partly due to its galvanised finish, which stops the steel strands from rusting in moist air and even in cases where rain and sea spray comes in direct contact with the surface.

Its advantages make this particular product suitable for use as a crane rope, although for truly heavy duty work you might choose a wider diameter example, with the range extending to include 52mm products with 192,329kg capacities.

Wire Core  1770 1960
Diameter kg/100M kN Kg kN Kg
32 418.82 645 65,774 715 72,834
Fibre Core  1770 1960
Diameter KG/100M kN KG Kn KG
32 375.81 598 60,970 662 67,515

Optional alterations

The right fittings can transform a length of 32mm 6x36 galvanized rope into a fully fledged assembly. You can find hundreds of different attachments and adaptations on our site, which we will not only supply to you, but will also install on the rope you select to make sure that it is ready for action when it arrives. Choose from thimble eyes, swaged terminals and sockets or even turnbuckles and rigging screws.

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