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24mm 6x36 galvanised wire rope

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24mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope Wire or Fibre Core

24mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope Wire or Fibre Core

Strong and suitably protected against the elements, our 24mm edition of the 6x36 galvanised wire rope we produce in-house is popular for various commercial applications. 24mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope can be used for lifting loads as well as acting as rigging in the maritime industry.

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Features of 24mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope Wire or Fibre Core

Steel and fibre cores are available for this 6x36 rope, with the former offering a maximum load limit of almost 41 tonnes, while the latter is not quite as strong yet provides improved flexibility.

Every galvanised rope type we make is rust-resistant, because the galvanising process prevents the surface of the steel from oxidising when it comes in contact with moisture. This gives the 24mm 6x36 rope greater longevity when used outside, since rain, sea spray and total immersion in liquid will not compromise its integrity.

Wire Core  1770 1960
Diameter kg/100M kN Kg kN Kg
24 235.58 363 36,998 402 40,969
Fibre Core 1770 1960
Diameter KG/100M kN KG Kn KG
24 211.39 336 34,296 373 37,977

Enhancing its usability

You can make this wire rope all the more practical and powerful by adding fittings. There are lots of compelling attachments on our site and we can even install these for you, building wire rope assemblies that can be a reliable and convenient addition to your lifting operations. All of our rope products, including our manmade fibre rope line up, can be made to order by Rope Services Direct. We have our own workshops, machinery and experienced wire rope riggers.

Talking to our team

Let us know what kind of wire rope you need and get a quote by calling 01384 78004 or heading to our contact page where you can fill out a response form and get a reply sent to your email inbox.