18mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope | Wire or Fibre Core

18mm 6x36 galvanised wire rope

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18mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope Wire or Fibre Core

18mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope Wire or Fibre Core

For good load capacities and improved flexibility, look no further than our 6x36 galvanised wire rope, with  Wire or Fibre Core line ups on offer. This 18mm example is able to work well whatever the weather and will suit lifting and rigging tasks alike. Read on below for more on the 18mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope.

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How 18mm 6x36 Galvanised Wire Rope Wire or Fibre Core performs

Capable of safely lifting loads of up to 23,045kg, our 18mm 6x36 rope has all the corrosion-resisting advantages of its galvanised siblings. In short, if you are planning to use wire rope outdoors, it needs to either be galvanised or made using stainless steel.

The arrangement of the wire strands in the 6x36 configuration of bundles means that it will flex without fatiguing, which is clearly a positive asset. Its lower crush resistance will be relevant in some scenarios, but is far from a deal breaker.

Wire Core  1770 1960
Diameter kg/100M kN Kg kN Kg
18 132.52 204 20,811 226 23,045
Fibre Core 1770 1960
Diameter KG/100M kN KG Kn KG
18 118.91 189 19,291 210 21,362

Extras to add

With wire rope products sold by Rope Services Direct, you are never restricted to selecting the rope as a standalone item. Rather you have the option to include an array of exciting, impactful components alongside it. This can cover everything from thimbles and ferrules to swivel fittings and much more besides.

What is more, our custom assemblies are available along with all the engineered accessories you could ever want. Our own facilities mean we can press a fitting to you rope permanently.

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