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1mm 1x19 galvanized wire rope

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1mm 1x19 Galvanized Wire Rope

1mm 1x19 Galvanized Wire Rope

Featuring the simplest construction and narrowest diameter of our galvanized rope range, this 1mm 1x19 Galvanized Wire Rope is supremely slinky and disarmingly sturdy for its size. If you fear that corrosion could be an issue, the rust protection that this rope provides will be essential.

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Strong 1mm 1x19 Galvanized Wire Rope

Customers of Rope Services Direct typically choose a wire rope with this strand configuration if they want the ultimate in sheer strength.

In the centre sits a single strand of galvanized steel, encircled by 19 other interwoven strands. This means the core and the exterior are effectively identical.

As it measures only 1mm across, this 1x19 rope has a modest 105kg working load limit in its range-topping form. Its thin profile also means that it is surprisingly flexible, as well as being attractive enough to be used decoratively.

Tensile Strength 1770 1960

Breaking Strength
Diameter KG/100M kN KG Kn KG
1 0.50 0.93 95 1.03 105

Varied and versatile rope

If you have something in mind for your 1mm 1x19 galvanized wire rope order, it makes sense to see if we can simplify the process and produce an assembly that includes it at our cutting edge manufacturing facility.

From fittings like ferules and thimbles to a number of end terminals, our creations are completely customisable and can be shipped to you efficiently.

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A call to 01384 78004 is one way to ask our advice and place an order for 1x19 galvanised wire rope. Alternatively it is possible to email us without having to leave the site and get your RSD order in online.