The Use of Wire Rope in the Automotive Industry

As the automotive industry has continued to grow, looking at a 9.3% increase in the EU from 2014 to 2015 alone, production processes have increased in line with this. At the same time, manufacturers are always looking for ways to cut costs down with longer lasting and more reliable pieces of equipment, and wire rope is perfect for this. Below we have explored in greater depth how wire rope is used within the automotive industry.

 Why is wire rope used within the automotive industry?

 The lifting material is a strong, sturdy, and reliable alternative to many other forms of lifting gear that are on the market. Manufacturers need processes and equipment that they can safely rely on, and thanks to wire rope’s construction consisting of several strands of metal wires twisted together in a helix fashion, the rate of problems is reduced.

 Following on from the trend of previous years, roughly 70 million vehicles have been produced over the last three years every single year, which works out at almost 200,000 a day. The production line needs to keep moving swiftly and smoothly, and rope is the best way to keep this happening.

 How is it used within the automotive industry?

 Wire rope is used in several ways in the automotive industry. It is used throughout the construction process itself, helping on the manufacturing line to move around the various parts and pieces of the automobile that is being completed.

 It is also utilised with various cranes and hoists to help the manufacturing line moving at the efficient rate that is now required. Huge amounts of heavy parts need to be lifted and moved, and rope is one of the only solutions for this.

automotive industry

You will find rope throughout the automotive industry, in both the construction of the automobiles and the finished product


This helps to construct everything from cables, exhausts, steering wheels, springs, sunroofs, and seats to larger pieces of the automobile like car doors. Alongside this, rope is used within the automobiles themselves. One such way is by being used within the tyres of an automobile, which helps to strengthen them. Another way, which is often found within the military industry, is by being used as wire rope isolators within the vehicles.


These isolators are built to absorb heavy shock and vibrations, and can operate in extreme environments with a huge resistance to corrosion and general wear and tear. This makes them perfect for military vehicles such as aircraft, jeeps and tanks which may have to suffer explosions or go over rough terrain.

What other industries is it used in?

Wire rope is used in at least 13 other industries around the world for everything from geothermal cable to internal support for construction projects, so its importance and adaptability can’t be understated! If you want to know more about how it can be used within your own industry, you can speak to one of our team here.



Image credit: Unsplash