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14mm 1x19 galvanized wire rope

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14mm 1x19 Galvanized Wire Rope (1m Length)

14mm 1x19 Galvanized Wire Rope (1m Length)

Give our galvanized rope with a 1x19 construction and a diameter of 14mm a look to see what it can do for you. 14mm 1x19 Galvanized Wire Rope falls into one of our most popular categories of wire rope and will suit tasks ranging across several key industries.

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Benefits of 14mm 1x19 Galvanized Wire Rope

Creating a sturdy structure within any wire rope requires careful consideration over how the strands of steel are arranged. Using 19 strands to cover a standalone wire core, as is the case with this rope, allows for various important properties to be offered.

Strength and relative rigidity are both afforded by this design, which means it can cope with duties where heavy loads and significant forces may be applied to it. The 20,559kg capacity of the highest quality 14mm 1x19 rope speaks volumes about how tough the construction is.

Corrosion resistance also factors into the appeal of this product, since by galvanizing the steel rather than leaving it exposed, it will not rust over in moist atmospheres.

Tensile Strength 1770 1960

Breaking Strength
Diameter KG/100M kN KG Kn KG
14 97.02 182.1 18,566 201.7 20,559

Our rope assembly services

Rope Services Direct is willing and able to work on a bespoke assembly using this 1x19 rope, at your request. We can use our expertise to engineer almost any design using our rope products, with fittings that match your needs. So whether you need a one off rope assembly or multiple ropes we can help you out. Our riggers will comply to your own specifications to get your perfect wire rope for your task.

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