Ship Crane Ropes 35×7 Non Rotating Construction

Our 35×7 construction non-rotating wire rope will be suitable for a range of offshore lifting applications, including as part of a ship crane assembly. The ship crane ropes 35×7 non rotating construction has superior strength. Is also has the ability to eliminate any chance of the load rotating make it a popular choice.

Advantages of Ship Crane Ropes 35×7 Non Rotating Wire Rope

ship crane rope 35x7 non rotatingWhen performance and durability are of paramount importance,ship crane ropeChoosing our 35×7 construction non-rotating wire rope for your ship crane will be the best decision.

The configuration means that the dangers of handling heavy loads in marine environments will be significantly reduced. You can use it to replace a damaged wire rope without sacrificing safety.

There are lots of diameter options in this particular wire rope category, stating off at 28mm and rising to 48mm. Breaking loads change along with the diameter, running the gamut from 760.8kN up to 2236kN.

Comprehensive Selection of Crane Products

Our 35×7 construction ship crane rope is just the start, as you can find wire rope for dockside cranes, mobile lattice boom cranes, piling cranes and plenty of other equipment types on our site. Each product is manufactured with quality and reliability in mind, so you can be confident when you buy with us.

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