8×25 Compacted Piling Crane Aux & Main Winch Rope

As with all of our piling crane rope, this compacted configuration which is suited to winch work is of an outstanding quality and available in several different diameters. The parallel internal geometry of the strands means that it is not resistant to rotation. But its strength is second to none. Read on for more about the 8×25 compacted piling crane aux & main winch rope.

Benefits of the 8×25 Compacted Piling Crane Aux & Main Winch Rope

8x25 compacted piling crane Aux & main winch ropeThe alignment of eight outer strands is particularly appropriate for use in conjunction with a piling crane’s winch system. You get to maximise the strength without compromising on the weight of the rope itself. The compaction process means that the strands are compressed closer together. This has the added benefit of allowing the rope to spool smoothly during use.

To pick the right rope, simply consider the technical specs that will fit your lifting needs and choose the diameter which delivers the appropriate minimum breaking load.

Which rope to pick?

If this 8×25 construction compacted piling crane rope not for you? Never fear, as our crane rope range stretches much further. We can cater to customers with everything from ship cranes to steel mill cranes. We only deal in the best quality wire rope products, so you can trust us to exceed your expectations every time.

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