8×19 Compacted Piling Crane Aux & Winch Rope

If a high minimum breaking load is what you require from your piling crane rope, then this 8×19 compacted piling crane Aux & winch rope line up will fit the bill for use with the winches. It does not offer rotation resistance, but instead specialises in raw strength.

Perks of 8×19 Compacted Piling Crane Aux & Winch Rope

8x19 compacted piling crane aux & winch ropeFirst thing to note about these wire ropes is that they have a breaking load that is much higher than might be anticipated from products with slender diameters. The 8×19 range varies between 6.4mm and 15mm in this respect, offering up to 238kN of resistance. The result is that you can get a light weight yet powerful rope that will keep your piling crane running.

The steel wires are drawn and galvanised, providing extra protection from degradation. Remember to check out our non-rotating wire rope if this type is not fit for your purposes.

Complete Crane Rope range

Our crane rope comes in a whole heap of different configurations. This is to help you to tackle lifting operations safely in a number of industries and scenarios. Whether you have an overhead crane permanently mounted indoors, or a dockside crane that is exposed to the elements, we can supply the right rope for the task in hand.

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