35×7 nr Compacted Piling Crane Hoist Rope

Take a look at our line up of 35×7 nr compacted piling crane hoist rope. Its designed for the hoist of a piling crane. Available in a number of diameters, this reliable rope will not twist when under load, allowing for seamless, safe lifting operations to be conducted.

Benefits of 35×7 nr Compacted Piling Crane Hoist Rope

35x7 nr compacted piling crane hoist ropeWire rope which resists rotation achieves this thanks to the way that the inner and outer strands are woven together. This compacted rope is also non rotating and therefore ideal for piling cranes. Specifically in combination with the hoist. As the crane itself rotates, the rope will not, ensuring total stability.

Diameters of between 28mm and 48mm are available, encompassing minimum breaking loads o up to 2236kN. The compacted strands of this rope are even stronger and sturdier than you might expect. They have a relatively narrow, sleek profile.

Crane Rope of every type

Wire rope is our speciality, but at Rope Services Direct you can get crane-specific products that are tried and tested in real world applications. Our crane rope options include the full piling crane rope line up, along with the likes of dockside crane rope and overhead crane rope. We can supply the rope to a length of your choosing or even the full reel.

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