Overhead Crane Rope 8×19 Construction

There are lots of benefits to mention in relation to our overhead crane rope 8×19 construction. Including its high braking load, its corrosion resistance and its impactful parallel design. Available in several lengths and diameters, it has a lot to offer commercial customers.

Overhead Crane Rope 8×19 Construction Features

overhead crane rope 8x19 constructionThe impressive ability to offer breaking loads of between 43kN and 238kN afforded by the configuration of the steel wires in this overhead crane rope is certainly a noteworthy feature.

In terms of diameter options, you can select a rope that measures anywhere from 6.4mm to15mm thick. With load capacities changing accordingly.

The galvanized wires rebuff corrosive substances and keep the rope in excellent condition for as long as possible. Even if they are used in environments where it might be regularly exposed to moisture. Regular examinations are still essential to avoid issues arising.

The geometry of the wire rope means that it does not provide rotation resistance.

Wire Rope for Cranes – Other Products

If you need non-rotating wire rope for overhead cranes, there are several options. This includes our 24×7 construction non-rotating rope and our 35×7 non-rotating rope, either of which should be a welcome addition if the 8×19 rope is not suitable.

Buying Crane Rope – Our Advice

Whether you need 8×19 construction wire rope, or one of the many other crane-friendly ropes we stock, you do not need to make a buying decision alone. Consult our experts over the phone by calling 01384 78004 or fire an email our way from our contact page.